Moab, UT

Mar 3rd, 2018 to Mar 10th, 2018
Cost: $940.00 Partner Organization(s): National Park Service Service Type: Environmental Conservation Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics and Participant Requirements:

We are hoping to spend Friday night at a participant’s house in Northern Virginia, and
then fly out of Dulles early Saturday morning to Salt Lake City. Once in Utah we will rent a
large van and drive to Moab, where we will be camping at the crossroads of two amazing
National Parks, Canyonlands and Arches. We will be cooking the vast majority of our meals,
and likely not showering for the week, so prepare for an authentic, close-quarter camping
experience! We will be volunteering in both parks while using our free time to explore each of
them, as well as checking out the town of Moab itself. On Saturday March 10 we will wake up
early and drive back to Salt Lake City for a flight back to D.C., where we will then drive back to
Charlottesville. Participants should be ready to live outdoors (it can be rainy and cold), be ready
to do any kind of service the Park Service needs us to (we’ve pulled weeds and sorted trash on
our visits), and be ready to go with the flow, exploring a new place while meeting your awesome
trip mates.

Service Activities:
Our service activities will consist of whatever the Park Service needs done that day,
whether it is managing invasive species, collecting trail use data, or general maintenance.
Participants can expect to do several different small service projects throughout the week, as well
as to have time to explore on our own and reflect around the campfire.

Regional Background: 

Moab Utah is in Southeastern Utah, and is right in between two beautiful national parks,
Arches and Canyonlands. It is a recreation destination for hikers, bikers, and photographers
alike. Arches national park is home to over 2,000 natural arches and is the largest concentration
of natural arches in the world. Canyonlands National Park is the Largest National Park in Utah,
and encompasses over 500 square miles of canyons, cliffs, and arches. Being in the desert,
expect hot, dry days and cold nights, with rapidly changing weather always a possibility.

Recreational Activities:
During our free time we will most definitely be hiking the famous trails of both parks,
taking artsy photos of each other and the rocks. There’s plenty to explore in the area from the
namesake, natural arches to the time-worn cave paintings, so we’ll be doing our best to see
something new each day. Moab itself has a lot to offer, including mountain bike rentals, a
dinosaur museum, and disc golf. Fun, active days will be matched by relaxing nights telling
stories and playing games around the campfire. Jackson and Carlton are both amateur
astrophotographers, and would be happy to spend a night teaching the basics of taking pictures of
the stars to anyone interested.

About the Leaders:
Carlton is a third-year mechanical engineering major from Jacksonville, Florida who
loves doing anything outdoors- be it hiking, camping, fishing, or golf (even though he rarely
shoots under 120). He also loves travelling (favorite place so far is London, because of the
cheap theater), live music (best concert yet was Twenty-One Pilots with Jon Bellion), and you
will find him at every UVA football game. His favorite genres of music are Country and EDM
(and he WILL try and sing to them), so expect to hear some of that on the road trip. His favorite
food is rice with soy sauce (he knows it isn’t very healthy), he makes stir fry pretty much every
night, and his greatest fear is bees, and then cacti, and then playing Catan with Jackson. He
loves learning any new skill or fact, and is excited to meet anybody and everybody. Last year he
went to Zion National Park with ASB, and after exploring the most beautiful landscape he’d ever
seen, nearly freezing to death every night in a cheap sleeping bag, and making 9 best friends,
decided it would be fun to lead another trip to Utah.

Jackson is a third year from nearby Afton, VA, a quick 30 minutes from Charlottesville,
also studying mechanical engineering. He’s a big fan of local and indie music and is always up
for seeing a band live, whether it’s a new interest or an old favorite. In his free time you can find
him trying his hand at some woodworking, playing guitar at his favorite local venue (his
bedroom), or forcing board games on his friends (they’re just tired of losing at Catan). When he
can find time during the busyness of the year, Jackson enjoys giving new recipes a whirl and
honing his culinary skills by both making and sampling new foods. Last year, he visited the
toasty Anzo-Borrego State Park in California where he and his fellow tripmates had a blast
hunting down harmful plant life and exploring the beautiful canyons and oases of the desert
environment. After a great experience with ASB last year, Jackson’s hoping he and Carlton can bring the same sense of adventure to the UT national parks, while creating lasting memories with a group of awesome people.