New Orleans, LA (Youth Rebuild Project)

Mar 3rd, 2018 to Mar 10th, 2018
Cost: $715.00 Partner Organization(s): Youth Rebuild New Orleans (YRNO) Service Type: Housing / Disaster Relief Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics and Participant Requirements:

We will be staying at the YRNO Bunkhouse in New Orleans which will be very close to the sited where we will be working.  The bunkhouse is nice and includes hot water, free wifi, and a kitchen where we can cook many of our meals.

Getting to NOLA, we will leave early morning on Saturday March 3 to drive straight to New Orleans to arrive there around 9 or 10 at night.  We will be driving in one of the site leader’s  cars and either a rental car or a volunteer’s car if one of our lovely participants would like to offer theirs to make the price cheaper!  We will use the cars we have to drive to our volunteer sites and around New Orleans.

Participant requirements include a great attitude, willingness to get down and dirty, and a love for meeting new people and exploring new places.  (Love for singing and dancing in the car not a requirement but would make the long car ride better). Note: trip cost will be $615 if a rental car is not needed. 


Service Activities:

We will be helping YRNO with a variety of housing work including demolition, dry-walling, painting, etc.  These houses are sold to local public school teachers in New Orleans for around 80% of the market rate.


Regional Background:

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina took a devastating toll on New Orleans. In August of 2005 nearly 80% of the city had flooded and 23 canals had been breached by water. The Hurricane is considered to be the worst engineering disaster in the history of the United States.

Many poorer communities in the area have had a tough time recovering from the disaster. Even though Hurricane Katrina has disappeared from the eyes of the press, many homes in the New Orleans area still need to be worked on.   


Community Background:

Youth Rebuild New Orleans was founded as a way for youth to help the New Orleans community while being educated on the issues of community rebuilding and learning valuable construction skills at the same time. YRNO buys abandons houses for volunteers to help renovate. Then the houses are sold to teachers in the community at below the market rate.


Recreational Activities:

Our goal is to get to know the city where we are volunteering! We will take time to explore Bourbon St. and the French Quarter. One night we want to see live jazz music at Frenchman St. which regularly has live performances. We also plan on taking a NOLA Ghost tour and visiting at least a few of New Orleans’ forty-five museums. One day we will visit the Barataria nature preserve and we will  take a boat swamp tour through the bayou.      


About the Site Leaders:

Emily is a second year from Oakton, Virginia (yup Nova!) planning to major in Media Studies. She takes pride in her taste of music, movies and coffee. She’s passionate about shark week and loves meeting new people. Last year she took an ASB trip to Little Talbot Island that focused on environmental work. This year she’s so stoked to do construction work and explore New Orleans with the rest of the Volunteers in the trip.   

Abby is also a second interested in studying commerce and economics.  She volunteered in NOLA with YRNO last year and had such a great time she wanted to do it again. Abby loves food and since she visited Nola last year, she can show everyone some pretty awesome places to get some fantastic NOLA cuisine!  Abby is open to any kind of music (especially for the long ride) so feel free to make any playlists to jam out too.  She can’t wait to go back to NOLA and meet all the new participants who will be coming on this trip!