Pensacola, FL

Mar 3rd, 2018 to Mar 11th, 2018
Cost: $670.00 Partner Organization(s): Habitat for Humanity Service Type: Housing Number of Participants: 8

Trip Logistics/Participant Requirements:
We plan on leaving on the morning of Saturday, March 3rd from Charlottesville. To split up the
long drive to Pensacola, Lily has arranged for us to stay with her aunt in the Atlanta, GA area
(litttt!!). We will get up the next morning, Sunday March 4th, and finish the drive to Pensacola.
In Florida, will stay at a local church, which will be equipped with sleeping areas, showers, and a
kitchen for our use throughout the week. We will be working with the local Habitat for
Humanity, which aids the community with housing projects throughout the city. Participants will
be expected to bring a positive attitude, as well as compassion, and a strong work ethic. We can’t
wait to see the difference we can all make! We plan on departing Pensacola on Saturday, March
10th, stopping in Atlanta again to break up the long drive, and getting back to Charlottesville at a
decent time on Sunday, March 11th.

Service Activities:
As mentioned above, we will be working with the Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, along with
other college students, as part of the International Collegiate Challenge. Habitat for Humanity
primarily helps with lower income families, and disaster-stricken regions. We will help with
various phases of home construction in the city. After a welcome dinner and small orientation on
Monday evening with Habitat, we will work from around 8am-3pm Tuesday-Friday. We are
expecting flexibility from the group as we find out what our job site needs from us, which might
be different each day- all part of the adventure!

Regional Background:
Located on the western panhandle of Florida, Pensacola is a mid-sized city, with a population
around 53,000. While in a beautiful region, Pensacola has been struck by several devastating
hurricanes, the most prominent of which was Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The median income of
$46,000 is below that of the Florida and national average, with the poverty rate hovering around
18.5%. Thus, while also a lovely vacation destination, Pensacola is not immune to the struggles of poverty and homelessness. Habitat for Humanity has a great task here, and we are excited to
be able to help in any way possible.

Community Background:
Though far from the prominent resorts of South Beach, and Disney World, this part of Florida is
no less beautiful. Fortuned with snow white sand, Pensacola Beach is consistently ranked among
the best beaches in the country. The Blue Angels flight team calls Pensacola home, and can often
be found practicing above the skies of the city and beach. Pensacola also hosts a rich history.
Deemed the city of five flags, Pensacola was once under the control of Spain, France, Britain, the
US confederacy, and today of course, the US. Also, Pensacola is the home of the beautiful Fort
Pickens, prominent during the civil war, as well as Fort Barrancas. Needless to say, Pensacola
has tons to offer for tourists and residents alike.

Recreational Activities:
Apart from lounging on the beach (which we plan to do plenty of), Pensacola is full of other
modes of fun. From go-carts, to putt-putt, and historic bike tours, to scenic kayak adventures,
there are endless amounts of activities for us to do during our time off. The Naval Aviation
Museum is located here for our viewing, as well as the two forts that I mentioned above. There is
a gorgeous lighthouse along the Pensacola Bay to climb, and a pier and shopping area to walk
around in. We have done our research, and cannot wait to hit the ground running.

About the Site Leaders:
Ellis (ero4yc) is a second year student in the College, probably studying Economics, but also
maybe, just maybe, applying for the Comm School. He was a participant on the Point Reyes, CA
trip last year, and loved it so much that he was giddy to lead a trip this year. A common
vacationer to Pensacola, he knows his way around, and basically calls it a second-home. He is
super talkative, a little crazy, but also very approachable about anything. He is a lover of music,
Clem library, and anything sweet. He cannot wait to meet all of the wonderful Pensacola 2018
participants, and make new, lifelong relationships.
(Lgh5ed) I am a second-year in the Curry school for secondary history and social studies from
Danville, Virginia. My muses are Little Edie Beale, Margot Tenenbaum, and Louise Belcher.
Last year I went to Moab, Utah and loved kicking stones around and almost losing my tent to the
mighty Colorado river, but I’m pumped about gorging in seafood and kicking sand around in
Pensacola. Ellis and I met the first week of school and we have been living it up in the Fine Arts Cafe ever since! I’m not your momma- I won’t make you wear sunscreen in Pensacola- what
more could you ask for!