Point Reyes, CA

Mar 3rd, 2018 to Mar 10th, 2018
Cost: $890.00 Partner Organization(s): Point Reyes National Park Service Service Type: Environmental Conservation (https://www.nps.gov/pore/index.htm) Language(s): N/A Number of Participants: 12

Trip  Logistics and Participant  Requirements:

We will be driving up as a group and flying out of Dulles airport and into San Francisco on Saturday March 3, and then driving to Point Reyes from there (about 2 hours). We will be returning to Charlottesville around lunch time on Sunday March 10. While in Point Reyes, we  will be renting a van and travel to and fro within the park and the greater Bay Area.

While working in the National Park, we will be camping in tents. Participants should be very open to hard work and getting down and dirty (#legitcamping). You should also have at least some interest in learning about the environment and different ways people influence the environment. Of course, an open mind, sense of adventure, and positive attitude are a must, and be prepared for your site leaders to be hella goofy and occasionally break out in song (and maybe dance) (probably both if we’re being honest).


Service Activities

During our trip, we will be volunteering with the park rangers of the Point Reyes National Seashore. Some of the rangers’ main goals include focusing on and limiting the impact visitors have on the park to specific parts of the park and reducing erosion from water runoff. The specific work we do will depend on the work the rangers need done. Some of these tasks typically involve cleaning brush, removing downed tree rounds and limbs, digging drainage ditches, constructing and helping with the maintenance of trails, and helping park staff with installing fences and signs. In addition to this, we will be able to reflect on how we impact our environment as we will be camping in the national park during our stay, and making most of our meals over a campfire.  


Area Background

The Point Reyes National Seashore is a park made of 71,055 acres. Approximately 65,234 of those acres are federal land, and 5,821 are not federal land. There are 33,373 acres of designated and potential wilderness land and 150 miles of hiking trails with numerous beaches and landmarks. The park is home to about 300 historic structures and has seen increasing numbers of visitors since its establishment on September 13th, 1962 by John F. Kennedy. A host to numerous animals and plants, this trip is sure to be extremely interesting and never have a dull moment.


Recreational Activities

During our free time while at the park, we’ve got plenty of options for recreational activities. There are various beaches nearby and different hiking paths we can explore. We could also visit the iconic lighthouse and some of the museums located in the park to learn more about the history and environment there. Finally, we plan on spending an afternoon/night in San Francisco the night before we fly back to UVA. During this time we could explore San Francisco (options include the Mission District, Ghirardelli Square, biking the Golden gate Bridge, etc.) and grabbing lunch or  dinner while there as well. Ultimately, the options are endless and we’ll play it by the group’s interests.


About the Site Leaders

Brianna is a 4th year Sociology major from The Bronx, *correction: Da Boogie Down Bronx* NYC. She’s most known for having a song she can break into for literally anything anyone says and her love of chocolate and coffee. This will be her second ASB trip and her first time to California, and she can’t wait to do it with the great group of people her and Kim get!


Kimberly is a 4th year Urban and Environmental Planning Major from 30 minutes north of the Bronx. (It’s not New York City but it’s also not upstate, calm down now). In her spare time, Kimberly can be found attempting to draw, spazzing about cute puppies, and humming a broadway show tune. Doug from Up is her spirit animal but she is less enthusiastic about squirrels. This will be her fourth ASB trip and her second time on the West Coast and she is so excited for all the new things we are going to see and the new people we are going to meet!