Portland, OR

Mar 2nd, 2018 to Mar 10th, 2018
Cost: $1,000.00 Partner Organization(s): Portland Parks and Recreation (https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/) Service Type: Environmental Conservation Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics and Participant Requirements:
On Friday 2nd of March, as a group, we will be driving to Morgan’s house and staying there
overnight. On the Saturday we will be flying out of DC and into Portland, Oregon. We will
return on Saturday March 10th, flying out of Portland in the morning and returning to DC by
mid-afternoon. We will then drive back to Charlottesville to be home around dinner time
Saturday evening.
We will be staying at The Northwest Portland Hostel! Honestly we cannot wait to relive our
glory days of camp and first year by getting to share a room with all of you!
While in Portland, our site contact Steve will be driving us in his passenger van to and from
our daily site. Steve is the most amazing tour guide and hence will make sure this is a trip none
of us will forget, so make sure to be nice to him and shower him with compliments!
Most of our activities are within walking distance, or for the slightly longer distance
activities we will be using ubers, but saying that come ready to walk and bring appropriate
Participants should be willing to work hard and get dirty! A positive attitude is a must, as is a
strong willingness to participate. As site leaders we like to call ourselves ‘go-getters’ and if that
sounds like you we can’t wait for you to join us in Portland!

Service Activities:
We will be working with Portland Parks and Recreation Department on a variety of
projects throughout the city. Each day will be a different park, and a different job. This way, we
can see a lot of what the Parks department has built in the city throughout the years; from
massive untouched forests to bustling playgrounds. Each park requires a different sort of job, so
we could be hauling gravel, counting frogs, or building an entirely new park plant by plant. The
benefit of this system is that every day feels like its own activity, and you feel accomplished
every day with what you’ve done to help Portland Parks be more sustainable, beautiful, and fun.
We will be bussing to and from service work with Steve: our local guide, Parks Department
employee, and your soon-to- be friend.

Regional Background:

Portland, Oregon is nationally renowned for its incredible natural beauty, a strong
tendency for sustainable living, progressive city politics… and its hipster aesthetic that inspired
the show Portlandia. Much of Portland today certainly does match these qualities. However,
Portland is a large, diverse city that deserves a deeper look!
For nearly a century, Portland was regarded as one of the most dangerous, seediest port
towns in the world. As the rampant crime and corruption decreased after World War II, interest
among young professionals, artists, and nature loving people increased – especially during the
tech boom of the 1980s and 90s. Since then, Portland’ cultural impact and fame in the United
States has only grown. But it is important to look at Portland as a complex city; one that still
bears the dilemmas of gentrification, homelessness, and even environmental degradation.
The weather in Portland during the Spring is a bit chillier than it is in Charlottesville. The
average temperature hovers in the 50s, so you’ll want to prioritize layers (and rain gear for sure).
The natural surroundings of Portland are some of the most impressive in the entire United States,
with huge river gorges, towering waterfalls, and deep forests. If you are looking for the best of a
vibrant city and the great outdoors, Portland is the best choice for you.

Community Background:
For over 100 years, Portland, Oregon has been served by its Parks and Recreation
department. With a National Gold Medal under its belt, and an ability to boast of one of the
nation’s largest and most well-run parks systems, the Portland Parks and Rec Department has
plenty to be proud of. However, with an extensive parks system comes an extensive
responsibility for upkeep, building new parks, and ensuring that every resident of Portland has
access to the area’s incredible natural wonders for play, exercise, and community. The Parks and
Recreation Department works with government and citizens to best fit the city’s needs and
wants; whether that be a youth education program, a zip line, or a handicap accessible path for a
new neighborhood. Our work with the Parks and Recreation Department, then, will be quite
diverse in both what we do, and where we do it. Whatever Portland residents want with their
green spaces and parks is what we will help provide.

Recreational Activities:
Everyday is going to be jam-packed with exciting and rewarding service in addition to
time allocated for you all to experience the life of Portland.
The Sunday after we arrive we will be walking into the Downtown area of Portland
grabbing brunch/lunch and then doing a bike tour. You do not need to be an experienced cyclist-
believe us, Saskia is not!
On our evenings, following our service each day, we will be visiting various exhibits,
bookstores, thrift shops, additional parks, festivals, ice cream shops and dinners in town to give
you the opportunity to get to know the community and food of Portland.

On Friday following our last, and shortest day of service, our site leader, Steve will take
us on a tour of the Columbia River Gorge, Portland’s East and Mt. Hood. Make sure to pack your
cameras as we will have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty that so near Portland.

About the Site Leaders:
Morgan is a 3rd year from NOVA in the Political and Social Thought major, with a
minor in Urban + Environmental Planning. After an awesome time with ASB in Portland last
year, he is beyond excited to get back to the Pacific Northwest… and to get working! At school,
Morgan is often (a.k.a. always) found at some coffee shop or another in Charlottesville, finding
new restaurants, and sometimes even biking around town. His true loves are good food, good
music, and of course nature – so be sure to talk to him about your new favorite album, that
burrito place you can’t get away from, or an obscure park you love. Morgan cannot wait to get
back to Oregon, and more importantly, to meet a whole new group of awesome friends to share
the time with.
Saskia is a 3rd year Economics and Anthropology double major. This is her first time
going to Portland, Oregon and she is so excited to see this beautiful place that Morgan has
constantly raved about since his ASB trip last year!! She is originally from London, England so
be prepared to get used to her foreign ways of saying things on this trip and pick up some new
lingo while you’re at it! One thing she can’t live without is good food and great laughs, so make
sure to laugh at her jokes no matter how bad they are! Get ready to work hard, eat a lot and
laugh tons!