Asheville, NC

Mar 4th, 2017 to Mar 11th, 2017
Cost: $422.00 Partner Organization(s): Asheville Poverty Initiative, POP Literacy Project, MANNA Food Bank, Steadfast House Service Type: Human services Number of Participants: 8

Trip Logistics:

We will be staying in a house in Asheville just a short drive from downtown and our volunteer sites. At the beginning of the week we will go grocery shopping together. We plan on eating breakfast at the house most mornings and will cook some meals together throughout the week.

We will be driving down to Asheville from Charlottesville as a group in two cars. It is about a six hour drive so playlists and car games encouraged! We’ll leave Charlottesville on Saturday morning March 4th and return on the 11th. While in Asheville, Natalie and Jessica will drive to the volunteer sites and any other activities.

It’s important for participants to pack clothes for the weather as a couple of our sites operate outdoors and we plan to take advantage of the hiking opportunities in the area as well. We will also be heading downtown to have dinner and experience the local music some evenings, so be sure to pack some nice outfits to explore Asheville in. The only requirements for our trip are a positive attitude and a desire to learn and serve others.


Service Activities

We will be volunteering with a few different organizations that all center around the issues of homelessness and income disparity. The POP Literacy Project aims to increase literacy and encourage people to take the opportunities that literacy provides. The MANNA Food Bank makes food available to populations who are in need. Steadfast House provides stability for homeless women and mothers as well as education for employment and sustainable housing. We think that volunteering with these organizations will be a very eye-opening experience.


Regional Background

Asheville is located in western North Carolina. It is a growing city in population as well as tourism. Time Magazine described Asheville as the “quirkiest town in America” which people can experience through their thriving local artists and musicians. Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains providing beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and waterfalls. We can’t wait to explore this beautiful and quirky town with you.


Community Background

As with many cities, Asheville is also home to populations who are in poverty or homeless. These populations often struggle to get out of poverty or homelessness. The organizations that we are partnering with try to help people get assimilated back into the workforce and educate people about finances and other life skills. We hope that our trip helps us and participants to better understand the underlying reasons that lead people into poverty or homelessness and how various programs aid those populations.


Recreational Activities

We are planning to go hiking, explore the downtown area and River Arts District, and experience the local music scene. Other activities are up to a group decision when we get there.


About the Site Leaders

Natalie (ngn5dy) is a 3rd year bioethics major from Chatham, VA.  Last year, she had such an awesome time doing ASB in San Juan (where she met the equally awesome Jessica Lindsay), that the two decided to embark to Asheville– and they are SO excited to explore this quirky town with you guys! You may recognize Natalie from around grounds, as she’s often spotted chasing after buses, dying on the elliptical at the AFC, and at pretty much every movie night Newcomb has to offer.  Natalie loves keeping involved with the Bioethics Society, Sustained Dialogue, VASST, and Outdoors Club.
Jessica (jnl2pk) is a 3rd year biology and psychology major from Potomac Falls, VA. Last year, Jessica met some amazing people (including Natalie) in San Juan, TX that made her fall in love with the ASB experience. Jessica made a short visit to Asheville over the summer, scoped out some great restaurants, and can’t wait to get back and explore. You can find Jessica trying to understand physics, hammocking around grounds, or anywhere that sells coffee. Jessica is involved in GMT, Madison House Med Services, and AED. She also works as an intro bio lab TA and at the AFC.