Moab, UT

Mar 4th, 2017 to Mar 11th, 2017
Cost: $916.00 Partner Organization(s): National Park Service Service Type: Environmental conservation Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics & Participant Requirements:

On March 4th we will drive from Charlottesville to Washington Dulles Airport in order to board our flight to Moab, Utah. We will return to Charlottesville on the 11th. While in Moab, we will be renting a van for transportation but will transport ourselves within the Arches National Park via backpacking. Conditions will be HOT but not as FIERY as our spirits. Additionally, a thirst for personal hygiene will not be quenched; we will be backpacking the whole week and will sleep under the stars so showering will probably not be possible. In essence, our participants should be fans of the outdoors and willing to have a good time.


Service Activities:

Our service activity is to be determined per the needs of the local park rangers but will almost certainly deal with environmental conservation; possible projects include maintaining trails, picking up litter, clearing invasive species, etc. Our site contact is one of the local Park Rangers so it will be fun to learn about their profession.


Regional Background:

Moab is a desert. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful in the U.S. and is located in Eastern Utah. Arches National Park is renowned for its natural beauty and is frequented by many tourists each year, for the good and bad.


Community Background:

Although small, the city of Moab (~5,000 permanent residents) and the surrounding landscape share an interesting history. The area in Utah initially saw Native American settlements but after numerous conflicts became an American town in 1902. Controversy and uncertainty surround the name “Moab” with some experts arguing it has its origin in the Bible while others claim it comes from the Paiute word for “mosquito”. We will discuss how/why the inhabitants of Moab and its landscape have changed over time.


Recreational Activities:

We will travel to Arches National Park for the week and spend the last two days exploring Canyonlands National Park a quick 30-minute drive away. Potential recreational activities include canyoneering, kayaking, a national park driving tour, and possibly a four-wheel drive Jeep tour. Our hiking trails include Angel’s Landing, Delicate Arch, a sunrise hike at Windows Loop. Island in the Sky, and the Maze. We plan on backpacking for the week, sleeping under the stars in a new location each night, but Gabby is 5’2” so do not worry about keeping up with the crew because she will surely be lagging behind.


About the Site Leaders:

Gabby is a 3rd year from Los Angeles, California studying Global Studies Security and Justice. She enjoys trying weird food (she ate guinea pig in Peru and chicken heart in Brazil) and likes literally every type of music (she went to both a country music festival and an edm festival in the same month). Gabby is an avid beachgoer but decided to explore the mountains with her pal Slook (Will). Last year, Gabby and Will traveled to Guatemala where they were able to climb a volcano and jumpy off a cliff into Lake Atitlán. This year, Gabby and Will are excited to backpack across the Moab Desert and sleep under the stars.


William is a 3rd year from Purcellville, Virginia studying Foreign Affairs. His life consists of three basic entities: Settlers of Catan, Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pies, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. His vocabulary consists solely of movie/tv quotes. His demeanor is calm, cool, and uncollected.