New Orleans, LA (Youth Rebuild)

Mar 3rd, 2017 to Mar 11th, 2017
Cost: $635.00 Partner Organization(s): Youth Rebuild New Orleans Service Type: Housing Number of Participants: 8

Trip Logistics & Participant Requirements:

We will be staying in the YRNO hostel/office. Some amenities include hot water, free internet, and a kitchen where we’ll be making most of our meals. The hostel is only a 5-minute drive from the worksite

We will be driving down as a group to Chattanogga or Asheville and staying at a hostel the night of Friday, March 3rd. We will finish the drive down to New Orleans on March 4th and arrive that night. We will head back to Charlottesville the morning of  Saturday, March 11th, and will arrive back in Charlottesville late that night.

Participants should be willing to work hard and get dirty! A positive attitude is a requirement, and an open-mind is suggested.


Service Activities:

YRNO purchases and rebuilds houses which they then sell to local public school teachers at around 80% of the market rate. We will be assisting in the rebuilding process: painting, demolition, caulking, etc.


Regional Background:

New Orleans is a city crafted through the diversity of its residents. Founded as a french colony in 1718, the influence of the city’s inhabitants-Native American, African, Creole, Spanish, French, English- remains today through the city’s distinct culture and traditions.

In 2005, the city was hit by Hurricane Katrina. The enduring devastation of the storm brought to light a tragic intersection of architectural failures, global warming, and poorly funded government resources. The city experienced over 1,000 fatalities and the homeless population grew exponentially. As of 2014, 78% of the population has returned and metropolitan areas/tourist attractions continue to thrive. However, the poorest neighborhoods, closest to the levies, continue to rebuild. Many of the most flooded homes remain in disrepair, untouched post-storm.


Community Background:

YRNO was founded post-Katrina in order to provide young people with valuable service learning opportunities and jobs skills, while enriching the surrounding neighborhood. We will be doing most of our work in the Bayou St. John neighborhood of the 7th ward. During the storm, this neighborhood received upwards of 8 ft in flooding. The block we will be focusing on is filled with colorful “shotgun” houses, which we will be reworking, and incredibly supportive, lovely neighbors.


Recreational Activities:

New Orleans is argueably the most magical city in the U.S. we hope to introduce you to a bit of this splendor on our trip. During the work week, we should have one off day and 2 half days. (Workdays are from 8-4) On one of our half days, we will visit the 9th ward with our YRNO supervisor. We are also planning a swamp tour and a bike tour of the city. One night, we’d love to see a jazz concert and spend some time on Bourbon St. We also look forward to eating our weight in beignets and trying some spectacular cajun food.


About the Site Leaders:

Claire is a 2nd year Anthropology and Economics major. This will be her 2nd time working with YRNO and she is super excited to continue her work from last year’s ASB. She spent this past summer living in Cape Town, SA studying UX Design. She is passionate about understanding how humans interact with their environments and service learning. She also loves getting new music reccomendations, so feel free to share your playlists on the ride down to NOLA.

Caitlin is a 2nd year Economics major and hopeful Global Culture and Commerce minor.  This will be Caitlin’s 2nb ASB trip; last year she went on the Hilton Head trip where she worked with Habitat for Humanity. Caitlin is from Charlottesville and spent this summer interning for Ash Lawn Opera (note: she was an administrator, she is a poor but overly confident singer) and taking classes.  She serves as the secretary for ASB.

Caitlin and Claire met on the floor of their first year dorm and are crazy excited to lead the NOLA YRNO trip this year!