Central America Mar 3rd, 2017 to Mar 12th, 2017
Cost: $1,400.00 Partner Organization(s): Olive Tree Nicaragua Service Type: Medical, human services Language(s): Spanish Number of Participants: 12

Trip Logistics & Participant Requirements

For the majority of the trip we will be staying at our site contact’s beach house! It is RIGHT on the Pacific Ocean and has a beautiful view of the stars at night. Most of the meals will be provided through our partner organization, Olive Tree, at the beach house. The distance to the medical clinic varies by day because we will always be in a new city setting up the clinic. The last three days of the trip we will be traveling to Isla Omotepe (an island in Lake Nicaragua) where we will participate in hiking, kayaking and relaxing.
We will be driving as a group up to Arlington, VA the night of Thursday, March 2th and staying at Mary’s house. Friday morning we will take a flight from Dulles Airport to Managua, Nicaragua. We will return to Washington, DC the following Saturday. Sunday morning, March 12th, we will drive as a group back to Charlottesville.
This trip is very unique in that it is one of the only trips with medical clinics. Participants should be very willing to participate in a variety of health related activities. You should also not be worried about being “one with nature” or your appearance during this week (especially because water is very conserved in Nicaragua so showers are an amenity!) Although Spanish is not required, it is definitely helpful- even just some basic knowledge/phrases.


Service Activities

Our service activity focuses on movable medical clinics around the Huehuete region of Nicaragua. We will be working with about 25 other medical personnel, doctors, nurses, midwives and paramedics, to various regions to set up health clinics. A typical day lasts from about 8am until 4pm. During the course of the day you could shadow a physician, assist in lab work, take/record vital signs of patients and participate in running eye exams. After the clinic days we will have some detox time which you can spend lounging around the beach house or enjoying the ocean breeze!

Recreational Activities

On Wednesday of our trip we will be traveling to Isla de Omotepe, about a 2 hour drive from the Huehuete beach house. We will be staying in Hacienda Merida, a hostel right on Lake Nicaragua. There are plenty of activities on this island. We will enjoy some meals out at restaurants, and some people can hike to a hidden waterfall.

About the Site Leaders:

Mary is a 3nd year Spanish major with plans to go onto medical school. She is a huge travel junkie, and just spent her fall semester abroad in Spain. She went on this ASB Nicaragua trip her first year and could not pass up the opportunity to go back again her second year and now a third time this year. Her favorite part about the trip last year was participating as a translator in the medical clinics towards the end. She’s thrilled to be leading Nica this year with Alyson!

Alyson is a 4th year Biology distinguished major and Philosophy double major with plans to pursue a PhD in biomedical research. This will be her third year on the Nicaragua trip and each year has been complete with hilarious photos and stories and she’s stoked to add more to the collection. This trip has been one of the best experiences she has had at UVA so far filled with close run-ins with native Nicaraguan scorpions, unlimited rice, beans, and chocolate smoothies, and extremely muddy hikes up volcanoes