Seattle, WA

Mar 3rd, 2018 to Mar 10th, 2018
Cost: $1,140.00 Partner Organization(s): Low Income Housing Institute Service Type: Homelessness/Poverty/Human Services Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics: We will be driving up to NOVA from Charlottesville Friday evening, and spending the night at Sarah’s house. We will be taking a Saturday flight from Dulles to the Seattle airport, and will be spending the week in the City Hostel Seattle. Breakfast is included and the hostel is located only a couple blocks away from Pike Place Market. While in Seattle, we will be using their public transport to get around. We will return the following Saturday to DC, and drive down to Charlottesville as a group.

Participants should come prepared to work and learn and expand their minds and horizons!


Service Activities: We will be working with the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), an organization that manages housing units, provides supportive services to low-income residents, and operates hygiene facilities for homeless individuals and families in Seattle. We will be working with the LIHI Monday through Friday, and they will be preparing lunch.


Regional Background: Seattle was named in 1852 as a logging destination, but later became a commercial and shipbuilding center. It became a technology center in the 1980’s with the establishment of Microsoft, and Amazon in 1994. Seattle’s population has been steadily growing since, and has been faced with the issue of accommodating more residents. For example, King County, Seattle has an estimated 8,000 homeless people on a given night. Seattle has been tasked with finding solutions to the influx of homeless individuals.

Seattle is also known for its musical history of jazz, rock, and grunge, as well as its LGBT population. We hope that participants will be able to learn more about the city, its rich history, and the issues it faces going forwards.


About the Site Leaders:  Shannon is a 3rd year Engineering Science major with a focus on environmental sustainability. She is involved in Engineering Student Council and Trigon Engineering Society, and loves taking photos on self-timer on solo hikes as well as making, eating, and purchasing food.

Sarah is a 3rd year Systems Engineering major, involved in the Technology Leaders Program, Sustained Dialogue, and the Cavalier Daily. She loves leafy greens and also probably eats too many carbs. This will be their third ASB trip and their first as site leaders. Both Sarah and Shannon have never been to Seattle, and they are very excited to get to explore with all of their participants!