Virginia Road Trip

Mar 5th, 2017 to Mar 11th, 2017
Cost: $320.00 Partner Organization(s): Rivanna Trails Foundation, Bread & Blessings, Shalom Farms, Chesapeake's Kids, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Food & Friends Service Type: Food/hunger, human services, environmental conservation Number of Participants: 6

Trip Logistics and Participant Requirements:

Get ready for a week of singing along to some rad tunes, sleeping in a different bed every night, and playing some eXtreme car games, because WE’RE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP. This trip is unique for ASB in that we move our home base every day or so throughout the week instead of focusing on one location, which we think makes it extra special. We may not be going too far from home, but we WILL be spending a combined total of more than eight hours driving places (prime bonding time!!!), so pack your comfy pants and your can-do attitude!

We’ll start out in Charlottesville and spend Saturday night in the site leaders’ apartments after spending the day working with Rivanna Trails just outside of town. On Monday, we’ll work with Bread and Blessings Soup Kitchen to prepare and serve food to Charlottesville’s homeless population while learning about homelessness in our area. We’ll leave for Richmond that afternoon, where we’ll spend the night in a hotel. On Tuesday, we’ll be working with Shalom Farms, learning about sustainable farming techniques in Virginia. We then leave for Virginia Beach, where we’ll stay for two whole nights!!!! (Stability. What a wonderful thing.) On Wednesday, we’ll work with Chesapeake’s Kids, putting on a book fair for underprivileged children at an elementary school. We’ve heard that they’ll even teach us a song if we’re cool enough to hang! Thursday will be spent working on oyster and seagrass restoration with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, aka getting down and dirty and LOVING it. That afternoon, we’ll pack up and head to NOVA, where we’ll spend the night at Sarah’s house (with her dog and three cats). Friday will be dedicated to working with Food & Friends, preparing and/or delivering food to people living with life threatening illnesses in the DC area. That night, we’ll explore a bit of DC before heading to Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia. Saturday will be spent exploring Harpers Ferry before heading back to Charlottesville.

Participants should be interested in exploring different types of volunteer work and learning more about the realities of life in the wonderful state that we study in! No foreign language skills are required. There will be moderate physical labor involved with some of our working partners, but adjustments can be made as needed if a participant is unable to partake.

Service Activities:

Our service will vary widely from place to place, but includes getting our hands dirty doing behind the scenes work with Shalom Farms, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Rivanna Trails. We’ll also be interacting directly with people in need in our work with Bread and Blessing, Chesapeake’s Kids, and Food & Friends. The variety of service is one of the components of this trip that makes it so exciting, especially combined with the relevance of the issues we’ll encounter to us as students of UVA due to their close proximity to us in Charlottesville.

Regional Background:

The state of Virginia is incredibly diverse, which is something that we hope to experience throughout the trip. Virginia has both urban and rural spaces, coastal and mountain ecosystems, and rich and poor residents. That makes it impossible to sum up the entire region, but we’re guessing that you know the basics! It’s a pretty cool state, if we do say so ourselves, and we’re pumped to get to see a different side of it through our service opportunities.

Community Background:

Each community that we’ll serve in throughout the trip has different needs. Because we move around so much, there isn’t really room to talk about each community here, but we’ll discuss each community background as we enter the area, including why the service work that we’ll be doing is relevant there.

Recreational Activities:

Our primary recreational activities will be exploring the areas that we visit, but we’re also planning on going out to eat once or twice and playing card and board games while we get to know each other! Plus, bring your car-game game (?), because things are going to get intense. If you don’t already, you will soon know how to play Cow I Win, and it will be your new favorite game. We’re also more than willing to take participant requests and will be hitting up all of our in-state friends for suggestions about what to do in each city! We will also 500% have a collaborative playlist for the journey, but fair warning: a semi-democratic system will be in place to veto any song that is objectively horrible.

About the Site Leaders:

Maggie is a fourth year majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Religious Studies. Sarah and Maggie met on their first ASB trip to Annapolis, MD last year. Maggie loves swimming, sudokus and singing along to car ride music.

Sarah is a second year who’s still undecided, but leaning towards computer science and/or global environments and sustainability. On Grounds, she’s involved with University Singers, FeelGood, and Sustainability Advocates. In her free time, you can find her hanging out at the farmers’ market, catching up on the food blogs that she follows religiously, or working her way through Charlottesville’s many restaurants. She loves bread.


I had a great time on my ASB trip working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It was eye-opening to learn about the importance of keeping the Bay clean and how to do it even in our everyday lives. It was refreshing to work outside on farms, and I appreciated knowing that our work was helpful to their cause. – Maggie

ASB Annapolis was such a great experience for me! I loved learning about the Chesapeake Bay and the actions that we can take to ensure its health. Everything that we learned while we worked is relevant to our day to day lives as residents of the watershed, so we got the opportunity to not only work for five days with CBF but to take knowledge of our environment back home to Charlottesville, where we can continue to help save the bay with our everyday actions. – Sarah