Zion, UT

Mar 4th, 2017 to Mar 11th, 2017
Cost: $725.00 Partner Organization(s): National Park Service Service Type: Environmental conservation Number of Participants: 10

Trip Logistics

We will be flying from the D.C. area to Las Vegas on the morning of March 4th. Upon arriving in Vegas, we will pick up our groups van and drive the 3 hours to Zion National Park. Participants can look forward to a true camping experience! Throughout the trip, we’ll be staying in tents at a Zion campsite, packing all of our lunches and cooking all of our dinners (think decadent pita pizzas, zesty homemade chili, and tasty vegetarian options). The nights may be cold but our hearts and spirits will remain warm. We will be working hard with the National Park Service rangers during the day, with free time in the late afternoon and evenings for recreational activities and hanging by the fire. We will also likely have a full free day to explore different areas of the park and check out any hikes our hearts desire. On Saturday, March 11th, we will wake up early to drive back to Las Vegas, return our van, and fly back to the D.C. area. We will drive back to Charlottesville either that night or the next morning depending on the group’s energy level.


Service Activities

The service activities we will be engaging in are dependent on the park’s needs at the time, but they will be focused on environmental conservation and park maintenance. Examples of possible projects include removing invasive species, monitoring visitor traffic on specific trails and removing trash and debris. Throughout the projects, we will work closely with a handful of park rangers. This is a great opportunity to get to know the rangers and ask about their experience with the park!


Regional Background

Zion National Park is located in southwest region of Utah. For better or for worse, it is one of the most visited national parks in the U.S. It is beautifully diverse both in terms of geography and plant and animal life. Keep in mind that spring weather in Zion can be unpredictable, so prepare for everything from chilly nights to warm days to showers.


Recreational Activities

During our free time we will be hiking and exploring the park! We can check out whatever trails we desire, so participant suggestions are encouraged. Some potential trails include Emerald Pools, Canyon Overlook, and the famous Angel’s Landing. If the group is interested, we can check out Bryce Canyon (one hour away) on our free day. Other recreational activities include getting to know each other and eating s’mores.


About the Leaders

Sophie is a 4th year studying computer science. She was lucky enough to lead to Death Valley with Cecilia in 2015, and be a participant on the Moab trip in 2014. After having a more traditional SB experience last year to see what the hype was about, she’s back again and more than ready for the alternative. Sophie loves hiking and is looking forward to seeing what the Zion trails have in store. Cecilia is a 4th year studying Psychology and Biology, she and Sophie have crushed it the past 2 years on spring break together, and are ready to make this one the best yet. She loves to explore and cannot wait to get out West again.