Service Learning Grants

Service Learning Grants

Service Learning Grants are awards for participants or Site Leaders who complete projects based on their trip experience. There are two types of Service Learning Grants: creative grants and Baireuther grants.

Creative Grants are awards of $50 for conducting a small service learning related project. This may consist of photography, artwork, creative writing, interviews, or blogs. Creative Grant projects may be featured on the ASB website.

Baireuther Grants are awards of $300 for conducting a detailed, research-oriented paper. These grants require a faculty advisor, as well as a official bibliography. Baireuther awardees may be featured in the ASB Literary and Research Journal, Pathways, in the spring.

What is Service Learning and how does it affect ASB trips?

Service Learning forms a key part of ASB’s mission. ASB trips emphasize not only the service performed in other communities, but also the increased self-awareness that occurs through reflection and interactions with others.

Service Learning entails:

  • Reflecting on the nature of service and on the role of students in the communities both at their ASB sites and at home
  • Understanding worldviews that may challenge currently held ideas or beliefs
  • Increasing self-awareness through interactions with fellow participants and the culture and/or environment of the site
ASB integrates service learning into its trips through nightly reflections that allow participants to discuss issues and experiences from their service and human interactions and through pre-trip and post-trip activities with site leaders to build a greater understanding of particular sites and of the service performed.