Need Based Financial Aid

Need Based Financial Aid

We offer needs-based financial aid for participants who need assistance in financing their trips. We can offer up to $500 per person, but no more than half of the trip’s cost.

Who is eligible for financial aid? 

Those who qualify for financial aid through UVA

What do you need to apply?

A financial aid statement or financial aid award letter (photocopy of SIS printout)and a personal statement stating more about your financial situation.

What can you receive?

Up to $500 BUT no more than 50% of your trip cost.


How else can I earn money?

Individual fundraising

Letter writing to family, friends, professors

Hometown organizations, business, churches, etc.

Corporations, community leaders

Organizations dedicated to the cause you are promoting (ex. a company that promotes environmentalism if you are going on an environmental conservation trip)

Template/example letter is available (**THIS IS VERY SUCCESSFUL** don’t underestimate it)

Trip-wide fundraising

Talk to your leaders!

Team up with other ASB trips

Pizza sales on Beta Bridge/the corner

Fundraising nights through local restaurants


Start early and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Feel free to contact Bay Diggs (, the Financial Aid Chair, with any questions!