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Dear ASB Alumni,

We are so thrilled to share the success of the 2016 trips with all of you! This year, our site leaders collectively led to 29 domestic and 5 international locations. The types of service covered all areas, from environmental conservation, to medical aid, to food and human services. We had a total of 232 participants, which included 120 out of state and 140 foreign language speakers, coming from 10 schools at the University of Virginia. We were extremely fortunate this year to host a discussion from the University’s Sustained Dialogue community which helped our Site Leaders facilitate thoughtful reflections during their trips. Furthermore, we were able to discuss how to engage participants from diverse backgrounds, which enhanced the overall service learning experience on ASB trips. We have already received abundant feedback from our participants, noting the impact their trips have had on them:

“[…] I valued the experience more because it was utterly eye opening and grounding and gave a very well rounded view of a world I have little interaction with but so much possibility to help.”
­ Katharine Graham, Nashville

“I love ASB because you’re given the unique opportunity to volunteer in a community vastly different from your own, yet draw parallels between your life and broader social issues. In Mississippi, my group worked in a rural and impoverished area that opened my eyes to a lifestyle beyond the college bubble. My favorite memory of the trip is meeting and talking with our volunteer site contacts. I loved seeing their passion for the community and it was refreshing to hear their stories. In addition to meeting community members, you also bond closely with your group through service. It’s amazing how quickly my group created inside jokes in only one week, but inevitable that we all became friends through our uniquely shared experience.”
­ Robin Yeh, Sunflower County, Mississippi

In addition, lots of new projects were started this year and are soon to go in effect. One of our Fellows will be implementing their new, streamlined system directing participants to service projects in the Charlottesville area similar to the ones they completed on their trips. We are excited to be offering this to the coming years’ participants as a way to carry on the ASB spirit throughout the school year, making service a year­long commitment and a lifelong venture.

We would like to remind you that ASB is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We plan to put all alumni donations towards increasing our financial aid offerings, so that no student is prevented from going on a trip for financial reasons. Alumni donations can do much to aid our ultimate goal of making ASB accessible to every student at the University.

ASB is always looking for new ways to improve and we would love to hear any ideas you may have. Please email us at to let us know what we can do or just to tell us about your ASB experience! We hope you are enjoying Spring and thank you for your continued support.

ASB Development


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