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Environmental Conservation: Annapolis, Anza-Borrego DesertBiscayneCongaree, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, Hilton Head, Joshua Tree, Little Talbot Island, Moab, Point Reyes, Portland, Zion, Puerto Rico, Sequoia and Kings CanyonVirgin Islands, Costa Rica

These trips are outdoors based and will have a service site at national or state parks, or with an environmentally minded group. The volunteer work will entail manual labor, like trail maintenance, restoration projects, and the eradication of invasive species within ecosystems. Participants will learn about about the importance of respect for the environment, what aspects are being threatened in their location, and what measures may be taken for preservation. These trips are ideal for the outdoorsy and environmentally minded; expect to get dirty and spent lots of time in the sun!

Human Services: Austin, Eagle Butte, Johns IslandNashville, NOLA- St. Bernard, Pensacola, San Francisco, San Juan, Seattle, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Trips with human services in mind will be working directly with people to help improve some aspect of their community. This can range from working at community centers to building furniture or tutoring students. This will allow participants to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the area they are working in, and what needs have to be addressed by external organizations to provide additional help. The service will involve a lot of social interaction and direct communication with community members.

Hunger: Austin, Seattle

These trips will address food insecurity and the struggles some communities face in providing healthy food in large enough volumes. Service may include working at local food banks, food pantries, community gardens, or farms. Participants will gain an understanding of why some struggle to provide nutritious food for their families, and what resources some cities are able to set up in order to provide assistance. These are excellent trips for students who want to engage with a community and understand how poverty or disaster can drastically affect how it functions. A positive attitude and interest in working with people will make these trips fun.

Housing: Hilton Head, AustinJohns IslandNashville, NOLA- St. Bernard, NOLA- Youth RebuildingPensacola, Seattle

These trips may address the needs of the homeless, uplift those in temporary housing, or provide help in low income communities by fixing houses. Trips that serve the homeless or those living in places like the Ronald McDonald houses may help with cleaning, administrative tasks, or work directly with the people. Other trips may be providing home maintenance or helping organizations like Habitat for Humanity do builds with other volunteer groups. These projects can mean painting, plumbing, construction, or cleaning. Prepare to get dirty, do manual labor, and learn new skills!

Medical: Nicaragua, Guatemala

Medically focused trips will work to provide health services and clinics in communities abroad. Participants may work directly with doctors, nurses, and physicians to create clinics, and be responsible for taking vital signs, interacting with patients, run eye exams, and assisting professionals. On other trips, participants will work with organizations for provide health information to communities to improve nutrition and provide low cost health services. These projects are unique opportunities to learn about health and education in low resources countries, and gain experience in the medical field.